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What is Bonderized Steel?

Bonderized steel is actually Galvanized G90 that has been put through a phosphate bath and has a layer of Chromate applied and dried leaving it ready to accept paint. The process produces a dull gray colored finish. Bonderized is commonly referred to as " Paint Grip ". It is meant to be painted and it holds paint quite well and is popular in the rainwater goods industry. Typical uses are, rain gutters, downspouts, roof flashings, and roof valleys.

In recent years architects have used Bonderized for roofing and siding without applying a paint to the steel. This is done to achieve a beautiful dull gray weathered look.

There are some things to be cautious of when using Bonderized for metal roofing and siding:

  2. Material may develop white rust after installation.
  3. When the material arrives on the jobsite it cannot get wet. Whether that moisture is from rain and/or condensation from a cold to hot day. If moisture gets into a tightly stacked bundle and sits there it will cause white rust.
  4. Scratches easily.

If any of the above concerns are a problem than we would recommend that you look at Patina®, Vintage®, Zinc Metallic®, and Zinc Patina®. These are painted products designed to look like a dull gray weathered product. See the home page of this website for more info.

Available Panel Profiles: 7/8" Corrugated, R Panel, Western Rib®, Standing Seam, Wall/Soffit Panels. Matching trim, flat stock, and fasteners are also available.

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