Pre-Painted Metal That Looks Weathered Gray
Shipping Throughout Entire USA and Canada

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About Bonderized

Western States Metal Roofing is the leader in metal roofing products that look AGED. Our company specializes in buying Bonderized in large quantities and than passing those cost savings on to the end user. In addition, we have developed some nice looking painted panels designed to replicate the look of real Bonderized or an Aged Galvanized finish. If your project requires a different look than a standard painted or Galvalume® roof we are the right company for you. If you can visualize it we can likely find a way to manufacture it. Simply call or Email with your idea.

We have route trucks that service the entire United States and Canada. This enables us to ship Bonderized anywhere inexpensively.. Give us a call to handle all of your Bonderized roofing, siding, coil, and flat sheet requirements.